I like to check out dubbed versions of my favourite shows from different countries. So from that reason I decides to put in one post some links to scenes found on YT. Because sometimes they sound nice or sometimes… ridiculous :D

So let’s go.

Italian: scene from “Bad Wolf” (9th).
German: scene from “The Five Doctors” (1th; voices of Daleks - OHMYGOD), scene from “Revelation of the Daleks” (6th), first part of “Idiot’s Lantern” (9th), part of “Doctor Who The Movie” (8th; Doctor’s voice in shoe scene makes me smile).
French: scene from “The Parting of The Ways” (9th), scene from “Doctor Who The Movie” (8th, in related videos you can find scene with 7th).
Czech: final scene from “Doomsday” (10th).
Hungarian: part of “Doctor Who The Movie” (8th). 
Korean: part of “Empty Child” (9th).
Japan: scene from “Planet of the Spiders” (4th), scene from “Doomsday” (10th).
Greek: trailer of first season of New Who (9th).

Feel free to add scenes which I didn’t find, especially from Classic Who. I’m not very orthodox fan, I see it as a curiosity, not as a big profanity. In the end we all are watching DW in the original now… :D
(So if you want to reblog it just to whine: “Ohmygod, it’s so bad, they should prohibit dubbing” - calm down and leave out doing it. We should have fun here, not unnecessary complaints :P).

Japanese: Rise of the Cybermen

German: The Parting of the Ways & Blink