My Doctor Who Experience - London Report Part 1

As you know we went to the DW Experience on wednesday and I wanted to write this first because it was the best part of the whole holiday for me.

So we got to Cardiff via train and had to change two times (Cardiff Queeen Street and Cardiff Central). At first I was anxious because of the changes but the stations in Cardiff are so tiny, you really can’t get lost.

So aas we got out og Cardiff Bay station we asked a guy about the Millenium Centre and he told us we just had to exit the station and would already see it and indeed we did! I got so excited! I practically ran all the way to the Millenium Centre. It felt soo weird standing there, where Jack, Gwen, the Doctor and everyone had been so many times before.


From the place before the Centre I could already see the greyish building of the Experience and as we went.


It was only 1pm so there weren’t really much people there. They had awesome wallpaint and the Skittle Daleks in the front hall!


They had Doctor Who music playing and the Coming Soon trailer as well in repeat.

So we queued and We were kinda confused as the woman who greeted us told us we weren’t allowed to take photos. I had seen so many photos before so it was weird.


She said there was an adventure part before and we got let into a cinema room, which played a summary of Doctor Who moments as well as short parts of the new series, which noone had seen before.

It all was voiced-over by the Doctor. In the end there was a crack in the screen, which split open and revealed: STARSHIP UK.

Now I really didn’t know there was this adventure part and it caught me by surprise, but as we entered Starship UK I became SO SO EXCITED!

They had the actual props there. The winders, the elevator doors, the telescope from Tooth and Claw. And one of those statue women from Silence in the Library  talked to us and showed us some artefacts when suddenly the alarm went off and the Doctor  (11) appeared on the screen.

He was trapped in what I immediately recognized as the Pandorica, he said it was the Pandorica 2 and he complained that they hadn’t even bothered to give it another colour! Anyway he insulted us a bit (“You’re not even Rory! Oh great, I’ve got shoppers!”) and then he told us to help him get out of the Pandorica 2. He did something with the Sonic Screwdriver and we heard the sound of the TARDIS. Now comes the most exciting bit! We all looked around us, wondering if and how the TARDIS could possibly appear. It did, right behind us, previously hidden by a screen and the doors opened and the Doctor urged us to go in.

In we went. And if you’ve ever wondered how it might feel to go into the TARDIS with the whole “It’s bigger on the inside” thing, you would know then. It was AMAZING. We entered Eleven’s control room. The main console was rounded by a railing, which had additional consoles attached to it. The Doctor, now on the round screen, on which Amy had previously looked at the photos of the old companions, told us to gather round the console and then we had to pilot the TARDIS.

But alas, as we were only shoppers, it went wrong and and we had to leave through the newly  made backdoor of the TARDIS.

We walked down the TARDIS corridor as seen in The Doctors Wife and then heard it. DALEKS! It was kinda dark and I was now properly scared.

We came into another space ship and the Doctor told us to stay calm because the Daleks had come to get us. And indeed three Skittle Daleks came out of the hiding and proposed to make us into Human Dalek hybrids. The Doctor tried to save us by saying we weren’t even human, we were a subspecies called shoppers! (I made an effort not to be insulted…) and of course the Daleks didn’t believe him and wanted to exterminate us when suddenly a full fletched Dalek fleet attacked. But this time it were the Davros Daleks, who were insulted by the Skittle Daleks and claimed they weren’t real Daleks and so they wanted to kill us too. Great.

But as always the Doctor managed to save us and we proceeded until we heard the Doctor say “Forest of the Dead” (I think it was that). And I knew this was bad news.

It was dark, we couldn’t see much, save for some flickering lights and! WEEPING ANGELS. They came creeping onto us when the light flickered and I was really really scared. I may have screamed once or twice and I didn’t know where to look because the angels were one ach side of us.

But we managed to get through that as well and finally found the Pandorica. We got 3D glasses and then an epic sequence with all the Doctors enemies floating through the Time Vortex, trying to get to us ensued.

In the end we managed to free the Doctor and we were dismissed.

Then  followed the actual exhibition.

You have no idea what I felt, while going through this adventure part. IT WAS THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER!

I felt like a real companion and it was all so well made, that one could believe it was real! With the actual props and the talking Daleks and everything! IT WAS AMAZING!! I couldn’t stop smiling after that because one of my dreams became true.

I became a companion! An actual companion to the Eleventh Doctor. Brb crying forever and ever.


The Exhibition was really cool. There were so many TARDISES and TARDIS interiors standing about. All the Doctors and companions costumes.

And at Tens TARDIS they had a screen, that played Tens regeneration.I sobbed when I saw this and one of the other visitors looked at me sympathetically xD


On the top floor they had the Silence TARDIS and played the Silence noises on repeat, which was REALLY CREEPY!


The cybermen are actually really small. They are about my height, so I took an eye to eye photo with one of them :D


I think you have seen enough photos about the Exhibition here on tumblr already so I’ll spare you. It was really great seeing the original props and costumes.

Afterwards we went to the shop, which had really good prices on stuff.

After that we walked over to BBC Wales, but unfortunately couldn’t see or hear anything of the Sherlock filming, probably going on in there…


So close and yet so far away…

After that we went back to the Millenium Centre and found out they had really fast, free WiFi! But more about that in my London Life Hacks post, later!